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Blackout Technology

Blackout Technology

A Revolutionary Vision Technology.

See the ball.

When you put protective equipment on you are creating a barrier between you and the ball. This barrier, while designed to protect, often makes seeing the ball and making the play more difficult. Blackout Technology overcomes this limitation with its focus on glare reduction and high contrast optics to let you focus on the ball like never before.

Glare is the enemy.

Blackout Technology eliminates 100% of the visible glare that reflects off protective equipment. The result is stunning, and instantly improves your focus on the ball the moment you put on your equipment. Best of all there is nothing you have to do to take advantage of it. You just put it on and go. It just works.

Defense Fielder's Mask

High Contrast Design.

What a difference.

In addition to eliminating glare, Blackout Technology also creates the most contrast possible between the equipment and the ball. What this means to players is a much crisper view of the ball where the ball color and the guard color never match. As a result, you see the ball better on every play.

  • Pitchers Guard
  • Fielders Guard
Blackout Technology.

Featuring RIP-IT's exclusive Blackout Technology, the Defense Pro softball fielder's mask offers a visionary improvement to protective equipment. Blackout Technology is like eyeblack for your equipment, only better. It eliminates 100% of the visible glare that reflects off of the Defense Pro fielder's masks so you can actually see the ball better.

The best part about Blackout Technology is that it does all of the work for you. You just have to put it on, and the difference is apparent. You will see the ball better, field the ball better, and make plays better than ever before. Nothing will come between you or the ability to reach your full potential.