Retailer Spotlight:

If another store has a wider selection of bats we have not found it yet.

We are starting a new blog series focused on our retail partners. Leading off this series is one of our favorite retailers, Located in Kansas City, has become a leader in online bat sales. This interview takes you behind the scenes to learn how has become a … [Read more...]

Moving up in popularity.

JustBats Logo

We love the guys over at because they rank their BBCOR bats in order of popularity on their website. Meaning, the most popular BBCOR bat sits at the number one position followed by number two, then three, and so on. Since the launch of the Helium BBCOR on Feb 2nd, we have moved from the … [Read more...]

Leading Off From First Base


Don’t underestimate the power of a lead off. In the real world, if you steal something— you will be thrown in jail, but not in the game of baseball. Stealing bases will get you nothing but praise. To be a great base thief, you are going to need to know the basics of leading off the bag. To start, … [Read more...]

6 Things that Make RIP-IT Unique


There are a lot of reasons RIP-IT is a unique company, here are my top six reasons. 1.  Love It or Return It From our humble beginnings in 2003 RIP-IT has offered a “Love it or return it” policy for everything we sell. “Love it or return it” is our promise to our customers that we stand behind the … [Read more...]

The Three Baseball Catcher’s Stances


Catchers have a multitude of responsibilities when they are on the field. There is much more to the catcher’s position than just simply waiting for the pitch. As a matter of fact, the catcher has not one, but three different stances they they should be alternating in order to perform to the best of … [Read more...]