The Importance of Warming-Up and Cooling-Down

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Begin and End Strong One of the most important aspects of softball that can easily be overlooked is incorporating a proper warm-up and cool-down into practices and games. Often times we forget to execute a thorough warm-up. Some players or coaches may tend to think that things such as hitting or … [Read more...]

How To Deal With Negative Nellies In The Stand


Coach's perspective... If you’re a coach and the opposing team is being really negative, heckling your players or yelling rude comments— then it is important for you as a coach to tell the kids to just focus on their own play. Let them know that they should focus inward on themselves and their … [Read more...]

Parents: When To Approach The Coach


I think nowadays we have a tendency to be helicopter parents that hover over our children because we do not want them to struggle or be in adverse situations. Parents too often bail their kids out when they should actually teach them how to conquer these situations on their own. When your child … [Read more...]