Baseball and Softball Back in the Olympics? ?>

Baseball and Softball Back in the Olympics?

Recently, the committee of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics released a shortlist of sports that are being strongly considered for addition. Two of those sports were softball and baseball.

Not Official…

Although the news of baseball and softball being possibly reinstated is exciting, this shortlist does not mean it will definitely be included into the Olympics. This is simply a shortlist to be reviewed by The Olympic International Committee again in August of 2016.

What it Will Take?

As coaches and fans wait anxiously for the decision, there are two important factors that will determine whether baseball and softball are accepted into the Olympics.
Fujio Mitarai, creator of Canon, and also one of the chairman of the selectional panel said

“The most important factors were: Does the sport have the support of the younger generation and how big is the population of the sport worldwide?”

With that being said, let’s join together to get our friends and families involved in the sport we love so much!

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