Baseball Batting Lineups for Dummies ?>

Baseball Batting Lineups for Dummies


#1 On The Lineup

The first person on your baseball batting lineup is known as the leadoff batter. You should put the player with the highest on-base percentage as your leadoff. This person is typically a contact hitter that is very fast and is an outstanding baserunner that knows how to advance quickly, and is smart about doing so.

#2 On The Lineup

The second person on your baseball batting lineup should also have an extremely high on-base percentage. This person should be a close runner-up for your leadoff batting position. This player will most likely be a contact hitter, a fast runner, and an exceptional baserunner that knows how to work the base path and sacrifice themselves as an out if needed.

#3 On The Lineup

The third batter on your lineup should be your best overall hitter. This person should know how to place the ball, make great contact, hit line drives, and get on base. This hitter will have a lot of power behind their swing, but also have a great overall batting average.

#4 On The Lineup

The fourth player on your batting lineup is known as the cleanup hitter. This spot is reserved for your biggest power hitter. This player is someone who is no stranger to home runs and grand slams, and whom is known for crushing the ball each and every time. You want the person that you put in this spot to be able to bring the runs home that are already on base.

#5 On The Lineup

You also want a big power hitter to fill up your fifth spot on the lineup. This player should be known to aim for the fences and should have no problem bringing runs in three out of four times. If you are having trouble deciphering which person is your absolute best power hitter, put the one with the higher on-base percentage in the fourth slot.

#6 On The Lineup

The player you put in the sixth slot of the lineup will typically have to keep the rally going, or lead off the inning. For this reason, you need to treat this position as some sort of leadoff batter. This player might not be the best hitter, but they should be a decent contact hitter and an adequate runner.

#7 On The Lineup

The seventh spot in the lineup is for your wildcard hitter. This player is an inconsistent hitter. This person may normally hit very well but are in some sort of a slump right now.
#8 On The Lineup

You want to put a weak hitter eighth in the lineup. Hitting is certainly not a strong suit of this player. You should fill this spot with the person who has the second-to-worst batting average and who is consistently poor at the plate in comparison to the other players on the team.

#9 On The Lineup

The last spot on your baseball lineup is for your weakest hitter. This person will have the least amount of chances in the batter’s box so you want to reserve it for the person who consistently has the worst batting average. Being at the bottom of the lineup should not discourage players. It does not mean they are a terrible baseball player. Nine times out of ten, the person last on the lineup is a fantastic defensive player but is a not-so-great hitter.

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