Which bat M.O.I. is right for you?

Baseball Performance Bell Curve

Just about everything in life can be mapped to a bell curve. Mapping a bell curve to high school baseball players would look something like the curve below. Looking at the same bell curve you can assign traits to each section of the curve. For instance, players who fall into the far right of … [Read more...]

5 Easy Steps To Reduce Risk of Baseball Injuries


Participating in a sport, particularly baseball, is a great way to develop keen social skills, high self-esteem, and great general fitness. However, every sport, regardless the level of physical contact, will wear a player’s body down over time and present some risk of injury. It’s not only … [Read more...]

Leading Off From First Base


Don’t underestimate the power of a lead off. In the real world, if you steal something— you will be thrown in jail, but not in the game of baseball. Stealing bases will get you nothing but praise. To be a great base thief, you are going to need to know the basics of leading off the bag. To start, … [Read more...]

The Three Baseball Catcher’s Stances


Catchers have a multitude of responsibilities when they are on the field. There is much more to the catcher’s position than just simply waiting for the pitch. As a matter of fact, the catcher has not one, but three different stances they they should be alternating in order to perform to the best of … [Read more...]

5 Tips: How To Hit An Inside Pitch In Baseball


Good pitchers know how to work the corners and edges of the plate. Great pitchers know how far they can push the limits of the strike zone based on how the umpire is calling the game. As a hitter you have to be ready to swing away on those close inside pitches when the umpire is calling them … [Read more...]