One-Piece vs Two-Piece BBCOR Baseball Bats ?>

One-Piece vs Two-Piece BBCOR Baseball Bats


Deciding between a one-piece and two-piece BBCOR baseball bat can be a confusing process. Some sites will tell you that power hitters should swing a one-piece baseball bat, and other sites will tell you that power hitters should swing a two-piece baseball bat, and vice versa with contact hitters. When choosing which kind of bat construction to purchase, it is less important to categorize what type of hitter you are, but more important to decipher which bat feels more natural at the plate and what works best with your swing. To make your buying process a little less confusing, we have laid out some key differences between one-piece and two-piece BBCOR baseball bats.


Of course the main difference between these two types of bats is the construction. A one-piece BBCOR bat is a solid continuous construction of either metal or composite material with no separation between the handle and the barrel. A two-piece BBCOR bat on the other hand, is a bat whose handle and barrel are separate pieces. The barrel of the bat made up generally of alloy or composite and the handle constructed of composite.

Stiff vs. Flex

A key distinction between a one-piece and two-piece BBCOR bat is the barrel performance. The barrel of a one-piece baseball bat is going to be more stiff than a bat with a two-piece construction. The reason why one-piece bats are stiff is because they are constructed solidly out of one material. A two-piece bat will have a barrel with more flex or “trampoline-like” capabilities. There are advantages and disadvantages to having both a stiff one-piece bat or a two-piece bat with a slightly flexible barrel. Although having a barrel with a slight flex will give the baseball bat more pop, when the ball makes contact with the barrel it may affect the follow-through of your swing. If you have a one-piece stiff barrel your swing will not be affected upon contact, but your bat will not have a “trampoline-like” affect that a two-piece bat has.


In general, vibrations will be experienced less frequently with a two-piece bat because the barrel and the handle are separated. With a one-piece BBCOR bat, it is easier for the vibrations to carry down to your hands since the bat is one solid construction with no separation.

Which one is right for me?

The best way to tell if a two-piece or one-piece baseball bat is right for you is by trying it out firsthand. Some baseball players prefer a stiff bat so they won’t lose power in their swing. Other baseball players prefer a two-piece BBCOR baseball bat with flex because it has more of that “trampoline-like” effect. It all comes down to which one compliments your swing best and what feels most natural.

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