How to get clean baseball pants


After reading about the grueling routine baseball and softball parents go through to keep their kid's pants white and clean, we interviewed one of our favorite RIP-IT insiders to give us her go-to DIY remedy. Monica Melendez has been involved in the travel softball community for over 16 years, along … [Read more...]

Add Style to Your Game!


  RIP-IT Accessory Kits are now available for your Defense and/or Defense Pro fielder's mask. They are a great way to add style to your fielder's mask or uniform as they come in a variety of fun colors. Get yours today!  … [Read more...]

The New Element BBCOR Series


The BBCOR One Ideal for elite three through five power hitters in the lineup   Weight Drop:-3 Sizes: 31 in, 32 in, 33in, 34in Legal for BBCOR High School and College/NCAA Single piece design- Featuring R4 Alloy Contact Grip to eliminate unwanted vibration The BBCOR One … [Read more...]

The New Element Senior League Series

The New Element Senior League Series

Senior One Ideal for elite one through five hitters in the lineup Weight Drop: -10 Legal for 1.15 BPF Senior Leagues Built for 7-10 year old players Single piece design - Featuring R4 Alloy Contact grip to eliminate unwanted vibration Sizes: 29 in, 30 in, and 31 in The Senior … [Read more...]

Are Hidden Ball Tricks Fair?

Are Hidden Ball Tricks Fair?

We've all seen at least one variation of a hidden ball trick in baseball, and although they are entertaining to watch the question lingers: "Is it fair?" Yes, it's fair. One argument states that hidden ball tricks are as fair as a great change up or a quick bunt. The player on base should always … [Read more...]