5 Things To Look For In A Helmet Face Guard


Nowadays, fastpitch softball players are required to have a face guard on their helmet. But, it doesn’t benefit the player to spend money on a helmet whose face guard just meets the bare minimum requirements. Although helmet face guards might all look the same, there are actually a few key … [Read more...]

Bat Rolling


What is Bat Rolling? Bat rolling is a process that accelerates the break in process of composite bats. This process is executed by placing the bat into a “rolling machine”. The bat will fit horizontally in the machine between two rollers, compressed, and sometimes heated. The bat will then be … [Read more...]

3 Ways To Increase Your Baseball Swing Speed


1) Build your strength. Your legs, shoulders, arms and abdomen (core) are all important aspects that contribute to your swing speed. If you spend time at home or in the gym working on strengthening these parts of your body, you will see the results at the plate. Training outside of practice is … [Read more...]

Baseball Batting Lineups for Dummies


#1 On The Lineup The first person on your baseball batting lineup is known as the leadoff batter. You should put the player with the highest on-base percentage as your leadoff. This person is typically a contact hitter that is very fast and is an outstanding baserunner that knows how to advance … [Read more...]