Alloy Bats VS Composite Bats


The construction and material used in a bat can have a huge impact on the performance of a player. Materials used and the construction process of bats have evolved over the years as advancements and design improvements have been adopted by baseball and softball bat manufacturers. The two main … [Read more...]

Don’t Get Left Behind- Speed Matters!


Baseball and softball are both games of speed, power, grit, but they are also games of physics. Now don’t worry- I promise this is not going to be a boring technical breakdown of all the aspects of physics that play into baseball. However, I do want to focus on the main force that affects batting … [Read more...]

Fielder’s Mask For The Competitive Player


Head and facial injuries in softball are usually associated with batters, but rarely with infielders and pitchers. However, the statistics show that both infielders and pitchers are at high risk of facial injury. Yet, even when players understand the importance of wearing a fielder’s mask and how … [Read more...]

4 Most Common Warnings Signs Of An Injury


Our body is in many ways like a car, and just like a car we have different parts that allow us to perform at our best to achieve a goal. While driving a car we need to be aware of our driving patterns, frequency of use, and warning signs to avoid wear and tear. The same principle applies to … [Read more...]