The Three Baseball Catcher’s Stances


Catchers have a multitude of responsibilities when they are on the field. There is much more to the catcher’s position than just simply waiting for the pitch. As a matter of fact, the catcher has not one, but three different stances they they should be alternating in order to perform to the best of … [Read more...]

3 Reasons Why Your Softball Grip Matters


When fastpitch softball players look for a bat they normally seek a bat that has the balance they want, pop, a fast swing speed, and a desirable design. What a lot of bat consumers normally underestimate is the grip. Although the grip tape may not be the deciding factor of purchasing your bat, it … [Read more...]

5 Tips: How To Hit An Inside Pitch In Baseball


Good pitchers know how to work the corners and edges of the plate. Great pitchers know how far they can push the limits of the strike zone based on how the umpire is calling the game. As a hitter you have to be ready to swing away on those close inside pitches when the umpire is calling them … [Read more...]

Base Coaching For Dummies


Base running can make or break you in the game of baseball or softball. No matter how good a hitter you are, base running is an essential part of the game that can make the difference between a single and a double, a double or a triple, or a triple and a home run. Great base running however, is not … [Read more...]

Is My Baseball Bat Dead?


How do you know that your baseball bat is dead? Without cracking or dents, it can be difficult to determine if your baseball bat is dead or not, but there are a couple of tell-tale signs that can help. Sound The sound of a baseball bat is a good indicator of whether or not the bat has lost it's … [Read more...]