Baseball and Softball Back in the Olympics?

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Recently, the committee of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, released a shortlist of sports that are being strongly considered for addition. One of those sports was softball and baseball along with karate, bowling, squash, wushu, surfing, sports  climbing, and roller sports. Not Official... Although the … [Read more...]

10 Things to Consider: Travel Ball


Your son/daughter has been playing for a couple years now and it seems that the logical next step is to sign them up for travel ball. Although it seems like no brainer, here are 10 things to consider before making the commitment: Do they even want to? Making sure your son/daughter is excited … [Read more...]

When Coach’s Gain Kills the Game


Yesterday I read an interesting report in the Wall Street Journal about a Chicago-area team, that was stripped of its 2014 U.S. National Championship by Little League International. Little League investigators found that team and district officials falsified a boundary map to allow players to join … [Read more...]

What players really think about the Helium BBCOR

What players really think about the Helium BBCOR

The Helium BBCOR bat is RIP-IT's lightest and most balanced BBCOR bat on the market. This amazing BBCOR bat has the perfect MOI for competitive athletes, and has been one of the most sought after bats of 2015. Don't believe us? Watch the testimonials below and see what's causing such a stir among … [Read more...]

Which Senior Bat Is Right For Me?

Which Senior Bat Is Right For Me?

Senior AIR -5 Ideal for 12-14 year old players USSSA 1.15 BPF • R3 Alloy • Rifle Barrel Tech • Contact Grip Available in 31", 32" and 33", the Senior Air Drop 5 is a single piece Senior League bat with a 2 5/8" barrel diameter. The Drop 5 was designed to be the perfect transition bat for … [Read more...]