3 Ways to Prevent Tommy John Surgery


Something all baseball players, no matter the age or league they play in, have in common is the fear of having to get Tommy John surgery. Tommy John surgery happens when your elbow has been overused or has experienced a sudden violent movement causing pain from a tear in the ulnar collateral … [Read more...]

RIP-IT launches their first Kickstarter

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RIP-IT has created the world's first smartBAT, giving you real time data, swing speed, and contact analytics on each swing. The problem: For your son or daughter to become a valuable player on their team or stand out amongst other student athletes applying for scholarships, you have to spend … [Read more...]

5 Best Apps for Parents and Coaches

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We live in a time where technology has overtaken almost every aspect of our lives and it doesn't look like that will be changing anytime soon. After speaking to several parents and thoroughly using and researching multiple apps, we have narrowed it down to 5 essential apps for baseball/softball … [Read more...]

How to get clean baseball pants


After reading about the grueling routine baseball and softball parents go through to keep their kid's pants white and clean, we interviewed one of our favorite RIP-IT insiders to give us her go-to DIY remedy. Monica Melendez has been involved in the travel softball community for over 16 years, along … [Read more...]

Are Hidden Ball Tricks Fair?

Are Hidden Ball Tricks Fair?

We've all seen at least one variation of a hidden ball trick in baseball, and although they are entertaining to watch the question lingers: "Is it fair?" Yes, it's fair. One argument states that hidden ball tricks are as fair as a great change up or a quick bunt. The player on base should always … [Read more...]