The BBCOR Certification Explained. ?>

The BBCOR Certification Explained.

BBCOR Certification

What is the BBCOR Standard?

The BBCOR (Bat-Ball Coefficient of Restitution) Standard is a baseball bat standard that all collegiate and high school bats must either meet or surpass in order to be legal for play. The BBCOR Standard went into full effect in 2012, replacing the previous BESR (Ball Exit Speed Ratio) Standard.

What happened to the BESR Standard?

The old BESR Standard was canned because it didn’t accurately measure the performance of a baseball bat. Instead of measuring the ball exit speed, the current BBCOR Standard measures the ball’s “trampoline-like” effect. The reason for this is because metal baseball bats flex slightly inward when in contact with a ball, and can bounce baseballs off the barrel quicker and farther than wooden bats. By putting the BBCOR Standard in place, wooden bats and metal bats are put on more of an even playing field.

How have bats changed since the BBCOR Standard?

Since the BBCOR Standard was put in place, bat manufacturers have had to make their composite and aluminum baseball bats slightly stiffer. The main aim in making them stiffer is so they have less of a bounce or “trampoline-like” effect than they did in the BESR era.

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