Fastpitch Bat

Fastpitch Bats

We have never made anything this amazing.

Why We Created This

To provide players a fastpitch bat with amazing bat speed and incredible pop.

Fastpitch Bats
Designed for performance.

Fastpitch softball is a really fast game, which is why we designed a lineup of bats that is our fastest ever. As a result, players now have the ability to swing faster, hit harder, and be in complete control at the plate.

The exceptional fastpitch bat lineup this year includes two great weight drop options-- the Drop Ten AIR and the Drop Twelve AIR. When designing both bats, emphasis was put on creating the most balanced bats possible, giving players the ability to swing faster. As a result, both of these bats are our best fastpitch bats ever.

Speed Matters

AIR Technology makes it really really fast.

Composite makes all the difference.

AIR Technology is now a standard feature on every fastpitch bat we produce. Meaning, our new fastpitch bat lineup is our most balanced yet. With the use of AIR Technology, bats swings are lighter. This lighter swing weight allows for better bat speed and greater bat control. As a result, players who use the new RIP-IT fastpitch bats instantly improve their hitting by making better contact and driving the ball farther than ever before.

Fastpitch Bat

Performance Matters

Tuned for maximum performance.

Fastpitch Softball Bats
Harmonic Barrel.

Every player in fastpitch softball knows the sound of a great hit. That awesome "crack" of the bat sound lets players know that they really hit the ball hard. This sound is a very important indicator of the performance of a bat, which is why we maximized this sound over the largest area of the barrel.

The odds of a player making contact on the sweet spot every hit is pretty low. This is why our Harmonic Barrel was designed to have great performance on hits outside the sweet spot. Even hits made below or above the sweet spot still exit the bat at an exceptionally high exit speed. As a result, players will have more consistent power on each and every hit. With the Harmonic Barrel feature included in our Drop Ten AIR and Drop Twelve AIR, everyone will hear that amazing "crack" of the bat more often.

Materials Matter

We created it so you hit better.

R3 Composite.

Our advanced materials engineering team created out new R3 Composite to make this year's fastpitch bats lighter and more responsive than anything we have ever made in the past.

Drop Twelve AIR

We are really excited to see what players can do with our Drop Twelve AIR fastpitch bat this year. With our R3 Composite material, we were able to completely revolutionize how a Drop Twelve is made. This Drop Twelve AIR is the first in the industry to be constructed identical to a Drop Ten, but weigh in at a Drop Twelve. The result is Drop Ten performance in a Drop Twelve bat that youth players can swing with ease.

Drop Ten AIR

Our new Drop Ten AIR fastpitch bat has amazing pop and an incredibly fast swing thanks, in part, to our R3 Composite. The R3 Composite is more durable than last year's model with its thinner walls and strategically placed weight. This exceptional bat is a perfect fit for players at high school and college levels.

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  • Fastpitch Bats

Comfort Matters

Feels amazingly great.

Ridge Grip.

RIP-IT is known for having the best grips in softball, and this year's fastpitch bat lineup is no different. Every single one of our fastpitch bats include our revolutionary ridge grip. This grip is built for two reasons: to give players better comfort and eliminate vibration.

To provide players better comfort, the Ridge Grip has specially designed ridges that actually mold to each player's unique grip. The result is a grip that feels perfect for every player. Below the raised ridges we have installed a special vibration dampening material that stops vibration from transferring to a players hands. Both of these features work to keep player's hands loose, fast, and ready for any pitch that comes their way.

Love it or return it.

Love it or return it.

Seriously, we will buy it back.

Thirty days to buy, try, and decide.

When you purchase our Fastpitch Bat you have thirty days to try it to make sure it is perfect for you. If you love it, you will join the thousands of players who feel the same way. If you find that our Fastpitch Bat is not for you, then simply return it to us for a full refund. We even provide complimentary return shipping to customers in the United States. We believe buying new gear should be fun and risk free-- and we believe you will agree that "Love it or return it" is pretty awesome.

400 Day Warranty

Unlimited Replacements.

Service you can only find at RIP-IT.

The best customer is a satisfied one.

We believe our customer's warranty issues should be handled quickly and easily. Because we believe this, we built a company around the idea of servicing our customers to the best of our abilities. We created better service by offering our exceptional 400 day warranty with unlimited replacements, allowing products to be used in all temperatures, and provide complimentary return shipping both ways for customers in the United States. Our goal is to always make sure players have the RIP-IT gear they need every time they step onto the field.

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