Defense Pro

Speed, Strength, and Security

Need a mask?

Why choose RIP-IT?

We won't hold you back

The Defense Pro was designed to elevate the performance of softball players. Our fielder's mask features an open design with minimal bars that won't impede vision on the field - and an ultra light-weight steel frame that's got the brawn without the bulk. The result is a fielder's mask that gives players the speed, strength, and security they need every time they step out on to the field

Peace of Mind

Concerned with safety? The Defense Pro is the only fielder's mask that feels the same way. The $5,000 Peace of Mind Policy included with the Defense Pro will help cover the cost of medical expenses for an injury to the mouth, teeth, or nose while using the Defense Pro (see terms and conditions).

Performance Matters


Fielder's Mask Colors

Strong, yet light

A player's reaction time is crucial when trying to make a play on the ball. With this in mind, we constructed the Defense Pro with an ultra­-lightweight steel frame to keep players confidently moving at top speed. Speed, strength, and security are the reasons why RIP­-IT is the most trusted name in softball protective equipment.

See the ball, not the mask.

With a minimalist design, the Defense Pro allows players to see grounders, pop-ups, line drives, and the rest of the field with perfect clarity.

Blackout Technology

Created to eliminate the light that reflects into a player's eyes, the Defense Pro features our exclusive “Blackout Technology". The inner bars of the mask are coated with a special matte finish that helps players enhance their vision and performance on the field.

Comfort Matters

Fits good and feels great

To stay focused during crucial moments in a game, fielders can't be distracted by equipment that is uncomfortable. In order to be the perfect fitting mask, the Defense Pro had to be adaptable for every type of player. This is why our chin cup features a high performance velcro that can be infinitely adjusted to fit each player's unique needs. Our ultra­flexible ponytail head strap is ideal for players who have ponytails or pigtails; a feature that keeps their Defense Pro in place even while running.

Moisture management padding

Eliminating sweat is what makes the padding on the Defense Pro such a popular feature. Wrapped with our unique moisture management fabric that wicks away excess moisture, the Defense Pro allows you to stay cool and dry on the field.

Customization like never before

Every player is unique - and our colored accessory kits now allow the option to further customize every RIP-IT fielder's mask. With a variety of colored chin cups, paddings, and ponytail straps; players can now sport a mask that fits their individual style while still representing their team colors.

Need a mask?

Love it or return it

RIP-IT is built around the simple idea that you should love your equipment. This core belief is why RIP-IT provides every player thirty days to make sure RIP-IT is perfect for them. Trying new equipment should be simple, fun, and risk free. We know you will agree and that you too will love RIP-IT.

Unlimited Replacements

We created better service by offering our exceptional 400 day warranty with unlimited replacements, allowing products to be used in all temperatures, and provide complimentary return shipping both ways for customers in the US. Our goal is to always make sure players have the RIP-IT gear they need every time they step onto the field.