Baseball Batting Helmets

In their most advanced form ever.

Peace of Mind Policy

$5,000 Peace of Mind Policy

The only baseball helmet with a policy that protects players both on and off the field.

Play with confidence.

The $5,000 Peace of Mind Policy helps cover the cost of injury as a direct result of a baseball striking the shell of the helmet. This makes RIP-IT the first helmet manufacturer to have your back no matter what gets thrown your way.

The Peace of Mind Policy only applies to our 2015 Fit model helmets. To see if your helmet applies, check to see if you have the Peace of Mind logo on your helmet (see picture to the right). The Peace of Mind Policy is valid only after online registration and acceptance of our terms and conditions within 30 days of purchase.

Baseball Helmet

Why We Created This

To provide baseball players with the very best fitting helmet ever made for baseball.

Baseball Helmet
It feels so good.

Here at RIP-IT, we believe that fit matters. When we designed our baseball batting helmet our goal was to create an amazingly well-fitting helmet. With our relentless focus on design, we created a baseball helmet that fits like no other, includes 21 air vents, and has the most advanced padding system ever developed for baseball. We call it the Fit baseball helmet, and we think you will call it perfect.

Increased comfort and increased color options.

With our new gloss and matte finishes to choose from, the Fit baseball helmets will have your team looking sharp on the field. Available in Scarlet, Black, Navy, and Royal.

Gloss helmet colors
Matte helmet colors

Fit Matters

Three technologies, one amazing result.

High density impact padding.

Fit starts with the padding system in a helmet, which is why we developed a padding system like no other for the Fit baseball helmet. To start, the high density padding was designed to disperse energy from the point of impact over the widest area of the Fit baseball helmet. This layer of padding creates an amazing performance barrier between the outside of this batting helmet and the low density comfort padding.

Low density comfort padding.

The comfort padding, also known as the low density comfort padding, was created to answer the request by our players for more comfort. This technology allows the padding to naturally adjust to each player's head-- creating a snug yet comfortable fit, even while running.

Moisture management fabric.

Both layers of padding are securely wrapped in our moisture management fabric. This fabric is designed to pull sweat away from your skin and hair to keep you cool and dry on the field.

Overlapping sizes

A revolutionary concept.

Baseball Batting Helmet
Replace too big and too small with fits perfectly.

Here at RIP-IT, we hate being in between sizes when we buy things, which is why we designed the Fit helmet to have overlapping sizes. This means if the small is a little too tight, the medium will fit perfectly. The FIt helmet makes the days of one helmet being too small and the next size up being too big, a thing of the past. As a result, the Fit baseball helmet it the perfect size for every player.

How to measure for your Fit helmet.

To figure out which size works best for you, measure the circumference of your head; one inch above your eyebrows.




Hat Size


50 - 55

195/8 - 215/8

6 - 67/8


52 - 59

201/2 - 231/4

61/2 - 73/8


58 +

223/4 +

71/4 +

Speed Matters

Faster than the speed of lightweight.

Lighter than you can imagine.

Another feature that sets the Fit apart from all other helmets, is that it is incredibly light. In baseball, every second counts, which is why we designed the Fit to keep you light and quick. In addition, a lighter, better fitting helmet also eliminates the wobble typically experienced by younger players-- creating a more comfortable experience.

Don't Lose Your Cool

These baseball helmets look hot, but they feel so cool.

Baseball Helmet
Air Vents.

The Fit baseball batting helmets include just about as many air vents as there are hours in the day. Each of the twenty-one air vents have been carefully placed in order to remove hot air, replacing it with cooler, ambient air. The result? A batting helmet that keeps you cool and comfortable at the plate, even in hot conditions.

Moisture management wrap.

Unlike any other helmets in the sport, the pads within the Fit helmets actually help players stay cool and dry. Advanced textile technology works with the air vents to pull sweat away from a player's skin and accelerate evaporation. The result: a dryer and cooler helmet, in even the most extreme playing conditions.

Love it or return it.

Love it or return it.

Seriously, we will buy it back.

Thirty days to buy, try, and decide.

When you purchase our Fit Helmet you have thirty days to try it to make sure it is perfect for you. If you love it, you will join the thousands of players who feel the same way. If you find that our Fit Helmet is not for you, then simply return it to us for a full refund. We even provide complimentary return shipping to customers in the United States. We believe buying new gear should be fun and risk free-- and we believe you will agree that "Love it or return it" is pretty awesome.

400 Day Warranty

Unlimited Replacements.

Service you can only find at RIP-IT.

The best customer is a satisfied one.

We believe our customer's warranty issues should be handled quickly and easily. Because we believe this, we built a company around the idea of servicing our customers to the best of our abilities. We created better service by offering our exceptional 400 day warranty with unlimited replacements, allowing products to be used in all temperatures, and provide complimentary return shipping both ways for customers in the United States. Our goal is to always make sure players have the RIP-IT gear they need every time they step onto the field.

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