3 Ways To Increase Your Baseball Swing Speed ?>

3 Ways To Increase Your Baseball Swing Speed

1) Build your strength.

Your legs, shoulders, arms and abdomen (core) are all important aspects that contribute to your swing speed. If you spend time at home or in the gym working on strengthening these parts of your body, you will see the results at the plate. Training outside of practice is necessary if you want to improve your batting performance and get the best results possible in the batter’s box. If you do not have access to a gym— no worries. Simple push-ups, sit-ups, burpees and squats are exercises you can implement at home or wherever you feel comfortable. If you are looking for some ideas, checkout our Workout Playlist on our RIP-IT YouTube channel.

2) Swing a heavier bat or weighted bat in practice.

Swinging a practice bat that is heavier than your game bat can make a big difference in your swing speed. If you practice with your game bat, then you can order a bat weight to weigh the bat down in practice. By swinging a bat with a heavier weight in practice, you will build your strength and improve the control of your swing. This way, when you go to the plate your game bat will feel lighter. In turn, you will be able to move your bat into the strike zone faster.

3) Use an ultra balanced bat at the plate.

If you want to shave even more time off of your swing speed, using an ultra balanced bat will do the trick. A baseball bat that is balanced will give you better control, will move into the strike zone faster and with more ease. Compared side by side with an end loaded bat that is the exact same size, the balanced bat should feel lighter regardless.

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