The Basic Rules of Softball ?>

The Basic Rules of Softball

Softball Rules OBJECT OF THE GAME To score more runs than the opposing team. The team with the most runs at the end of the game wins. MAJOR DIFFERENCES FROM BASEBALL Photo: The Odyssey The Pitch Although Baseball and Softball seem very similar there are some important differences; In Softball,… Read the rest
Softball Positions Explained ?>

Softball Positions Explained

Outfielders (CF, RF, and LF): Positioned beyond the infield, they catch and field “flyballs,” line drives, and ground balls hit into the outfield. (source) Photo: UWire  Second Basemen (2B) Plays in the gap between the bag at second and the first baseman. Receives throws from fielders attempting to make outs at… Read the rest
Equipment Needed for Softball ?>

Equipment Needed for Softball

In softball it is extremely important for players to protect themselves from the high speeds the ball travels at. Depending on which position you play, you will have to wear protective gear that will allow to move comfortably and safely during games and practices. Fielder’s Mask Face masks are usually worn by the pitcher, 1st basemen,… Read the rest
RIP-IT Commits to Softball ?>

RIP-IT Commits to Softball

Our new commitment. Empower through softball. Today, RIP-IT is announcing that it is going to focus its design efforts exclusively on the sport of girl’s fastpitch softball. Additionally, RIP-IT is announcing that it is making a commitment to grow the sport of softball which in turn will empower more young… Read the rest