What Sets RIP-IT Fastpitch Bats Apart From The Rest? ?>

What Sets RIP-IT Fastpitch Bats Apart From The Rest?

Fastpitch Softball Bats

Love it or return it. No questions asked.

Customers are constantly raving about RIP-IT’s “Love it or return it policy”. This return policy allows players to always have the right size bat, a well-performing bat, and most importantly– a bat that suits them best. This is all made possible by offering customers a 30-day money-back return policy. Simply put, parents and players can return a bat for any reason, or no reason at all. RIP-IT offers this outstanding return policy because they know how critical it is for players to absolutely love their equipment so they can enter the field with the utmost confidence. For more information regarding RIP-IT’s “Love it or return it” policy, feel free to contact Customer Service by calling: (888) 95-RIP-IT

Power is an understatement.

RIP-IT’s line of fastpitch bats incorporate a fully composite design to supply players with an unprecedented amount of power. This power is owed to RIP-IT’s specially crafted R2 Composite material which pushes the boundaries of pop and that “trampoline-like” effect that players crave. This fully composite barrel was accomplished by constructing countless slim layers of R2 Composite that are both thinner and stronger than ever before on a fastpitch bat. To state it conservatively: The RIP-IT Drop 10 AIR and Drop 12 AIR fastpitch bats exude a shocking amount of power.

Comfort is no compromise.

When it comes to a bat grip— comfort should be a given, not a luxury. Both of RIP-IT’s fastpitch bats were designed with ultimate comfort in mind. The premium Ridge Grip included on both fastpitch models, the Drop 10 AIR and Drop 12 AIR, gives players a personalized and comfortable feel while still defending their hands from bat vibrations. This grip was made possible thanks to its foam-like material that conforms to each player’s unique hold on the bat. With the Ridge Grip, players are able to experience their ideal grip without having to worry about sting affecting their performance.

The swing speed capabilities of RIP-IT’s fastpitch bats are no joke. Constructed using AIR Technology, both bats are lightweight and flawlessly balanced. Through the use of AIR Technology, the Drop 10 AIR and Drop 12 AIR equip players with with an extremely fast and smooth swing with outstanding control that no other fastpitch line-up currently offers.

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