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Why You Should Join The Coach's VIP Program

Why You Should Join The Coach's VIP Program

Gaby Triyono
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Are you a coach who has a passion for softball and want to make a difference in the softball community? Then you need to join our VIP program! 

It's been my pleasure to start the coach's VIP program. The program started with just local teams and now we have expanded to hundreds of teams all over the U.S. 

Our Coach's VIP program consists of coaches who help us co-create products through product testing, surveys, and sharing feedback. We work closely with teams and coaches to better understand how we can create the best products and services for softball players.

The mission of this program is to elevate the sport of softball with the softball community for the softball player.

We have over 260 coaches all over the U.S who are partnering with us to create solutions for the softball community. Every voice counts, including yours! 

As a VIP coach, you will have opportunities to:

  • Stay up to date with new products in development
  • Share feedback and help drive our product development
  • Test out products for free
  • Receive exclusive VIP discounts and extended warranties
  • Be a part of VIP-only events

On top of that, we offer an extended warranty for VIP coaches only: 

Helmet and Defense Masks
460-day warranty
150-day warranty
90-day warranty 

    To join the VIP program, click here

    Here are the benefits of the Coach's VIP program and the requirements to keep your VIP status:

    Below are pictures of some of the things your team can be a part of through our VIP program:

    Office Visits

    Feedback From Players

    Testing Products

    Exclusive VIP Events 

    If you would like to know more about the Coach's VIP program, you can contact me at


    Gaby Triyono, VIP Experience Manager