Women's Short Sleeve Training Top - Black Ocean

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Women's Short Sleeve Training Top

  • 76% Poly | 24% Spandex
  • Laser cut, perforated ventilation

Product Benefits

  • Pamper yourself with a shirt more comfortable than your crusty t-shirt.
  • Made with the good stuff to keep you feeling confident throughout your toughest training session.
  • Engineered with ventilation holes to keep you cool during those sweaty workouts.
  • Durable construction with sweat-wicking, anti-abrasion treatment to lengthen the life of the fabric.


No One Fights Alone Signature Collection

Tell us about the moment you decided on the design for your collection?

Colleen (RIP-IT designer) and I had a meeting in the morning.  I was deciding between the mountain design aspect and the ocean design.  I was torn between both.  I asked Colleen if I pondered on this. Just think about it.  I love them both so much.  I thought about it.  I talked it over with my parents, and that’s how we came to the conclusion of the ocean one.  The mountain was nice, but I thought the ocean design represented more of my journey.

The ocean just reminded me of just being calm, and as the waves come, they represent your battles throughout your life.  The waves represent those bumps in the road of your journey.

How did your parents help you decide? 

I showed them both designs and I asked them which one they liked.  They wouldn’t tell me.  They would say “I know what I like, but what do you like?”  And I just needed their input. I liked them both.  They helped me think it through, and once I said I liked the ocean, they agreed.

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