How To Become a Lefty Slapper in 3 Steps

The Goal:

The goal of the hitter is to slap the ball in a place (usually over the third baseman's head) that is farthest from the first base, so you can make it to first and hopefully clear second and third base.

1. Repetition On the Tee

When repeating the motion make sure to have the proper stance and position on the base. Remember to not give yourself away, and stand exactly how you would normally stand in the box if you were hitting, so the defense doesn't know you are going to slap. Practice having the laces facing back towards you on the tee and leaving that space on the top of the ball open so you can practice aiming at at that space on the ball. This will help the ball go towards the ground when it makes contact with your bat.

2. Have Bat Control

Grip the bottom third of your bat then make sure the barrel of the bat is always behind the front of your hands. Hit the top half of the ball with the bottom half of your bat while you are moving to give you that perfect miss-hit.

3. The Basics Summarized

First, slide your right foot back roughly 6 inches and simultaneously change your grip to a choke grip towards the top half of the tape on your grip and move your hands and back leg forward.


Then cross your back foot over your right foot, in the direction of the pitcher, and will land near the front, inside corner of the box. Pivot your right foot slightly to help open your hips toward the pitcher.

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