The NEXT Season is Coming!

A few weeks ago we called an end to the photo session.

That’s a wrap.  Those three words ended a long, emotional, stressful, fun-filled, and exciting three days for all involved.  

It was the culmination of almost a year’s worth of work.  We had an idea.  That our community, the softball community, wanted more than what you were getting from brands.  We started this journey because there is a huge gap between the opportunities for a male athlete and a female athlete.  In order to close that gap we reached out to you to help us find players, influencers, and coaches to co-create new products with.  We also wanted to co-create with you.  

We discovered athletes with amazing stories.  We’ve identified partners with inspiring passion. And with your help, we think we’ve created some fantastic apparel collections and cleat designs that celebrate what softball is all about.  

The Next Season Apparel, Signature Collections, and Signature Spikes go on PRE-SALE on Black Friday.   

Thank you for all the help.  Without a community like this, we wouldn’t have even tried this.  But because of you, here we are.  Together, we can continue to make more opportunities for our athletes.


Join us on the journey here!

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