RIP-IT never gets distracted by the needs of male athletes. Our focus is 100% on her performance, her parents’ peace of mind, and her coaches’ time management.


At RIP-IT, we're devoted to a single, impactful mission: elevating female athletic performance. We believe in the profound yet simple concept that women & girls deserve gear that fits flawlessly, performs optimally, and mirrors the unique requirements of all female athletes.


RIP-IT was born from a desire to create better, more protective safety and performance gear for female athletes. We perform rigorous testing to ensure our high safety standards are met and to quantify how well our products improve performance. And we constantly innovate and evolve products to make them even safer and better for female athletes.


RIP-IT was born from a family’s quest to protect one of their own on the softball field. When Lauren suffered a broken nose during a softball game, her father, Mike, and her brothers, Jason and Matthew, recognized the need for a better solution than the bulky, poorly designed baseball masks available. With Mike's engineering expertise and support from Jason and Matthew, they created the first softball-specific face mask, setting RIP-IT on a path of pioneering first-to-market products that address specific needs of female athletes previously overlooked by the sports equipment industry.

First woman’s-specific and pitcher-specific softball cleats made by Ringor.


Created the first softball-dedicated fielder’s mask so that pitchers and infielders would no longer be forced to use baseball masks.


Created the first softball-only helmet.


Created the first softball pant that utilized 4-way stretch.


Created the first softball sliding shorts with period protection.


Created the first volleyball spandex short with period protection.


Created the first volleyball knee pads tailored to woman’s leg proportions.


Created the first volleyball shoe specifically for female volleyball players.


First and only brand to offer softball pants in three cuts—the most inclusive softball pant ever made.


We envision a world where female athletes possess the equipment necessary to achieve new personal records, aiming to narrow the gender gap in sports performance. To realize this vision, we dedicate ourselves daily to comprehensively understanding her requirements and transforming these insights into equipment that enhances her performance.


My senior daughter, a varsity pitcher since 3rd grade, always wore a face mask, even when others doubted. Tonight, a line drive hit her face. The Rip-It face mask saved her life; she's bruised, swollen, and the mask is bent, but she's alive to share her story!

Thank you for your wonderful product!

Amber M.

I'm grateful for your excellent protective mask. My 14-year-old daughter, playing in an indoor league, took a line drive to the face yesterday. Thanks to your mask, what could have been a trip to the emergency room or worse, ended with her finishing the inning and pitching another game. Thank you.

Ed A.

My daughter has been a faithful Rip-It Softball Face Mask wearer for over 4 years. She is now a Sophomore Pitcher and has never needed it. Last night that changed and if it wasn’t for the mask I can’t imagine the damage that could have been done. I will never let her wear anything other than the Rip-It mask. Thank you for all that you do!!!

Brian W.

My name is Hannah Barco, I’m a collegiate pitcher for Mount Vernon Nazarene University. Your face mask saved my life last week. A line drive hit me in the face, knocking me out cold with a severe concussion and jaw injury. Thankfully, your product held up, did its job, and if not for it, I'd still be in the hospital. Thank you for creating a life-saving product.

Hannah B.