3 Benefits Of Wearing A Fielder's Mask

1) Peace Of Mind

A huge advantage of wearing a fielder's mask is allowing the player to be comfortable and confident without having to worry about their face getting destroyed. Being comfortable and having confidence are two critical aspects of playing any sport. With confidence on the field, players are able to perform at their peak level.

2) Facial Shield

Let's be honest, if anything were to happen to your face, you'd be pretty bummed out. Unfortunately, softball and baseball players in particular actually suffer from more facial fractures than athletes in most other sports. Out of all the common injuries that softball players experience, facial injuries occur most frequently. By wearing a fielder's mask, players are more likely to avoid harsh facial injuries such as broken noses, eye injury and facial fractures.

3) Improved Performance

Skull fractures are no joke. Your skull is what covers and protects your brain. When a player experiences a skull fracture, their brain becomes prone to serious damage. Although a fielder's mask only covers the front and sides of a player's face, it does shield a large area of the skull that is likely to get hit when a player is facing the ball.

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