3 Reasons Why Your Softball Grip Matters

When fastpitch softball players look for a bat they normally seek a bat that has the balance they want, pop, a fast swing speed, and a desirable design. What a lot of bat consumers normally underestimate is the grip. Although the grip tape may not be the deciding factor of purchasing your bat, it should be an aspect that is taken into consideration, here's why:

1) Eliminate Vibrations

One crucial factor of a grip is that it is meant to shield your hands from unwanted bat vibrations. This will reduce the chance of you experiencing sting when you are playing in cold weather or have made contact with an inside pitch.

2) Comfort

The grip of your bat can play a huge part in whether or not the bat feels right in your hands. If your grip does not feel comfortable, then you are most likely not going to feel comfortable at the plate.

3) Loose Hands

Having a grip that allows you to have loose, quick hands at the plate is a necessity. Having loose hands is big contributor to getting your bat in the strike zone, fast. When testing out the grip of a bat, make sure your hands are comfortable and cling appropriately to the bat, but make sure the grip tape is not too sticky, so your hands can have a conforming yet loose hold on the bat.

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