And the winner is

Kayla Green is a warrior.  

And we designed a custom cleat to celebrate her journey. Kayla loved all of the designs you see below. And in this case, she agreed with the majority of those who voted.  The DOPEst cleat turns out to be the wave design inspired by the ups and downs of her exceptional life. She loves them. We love them. We hope you love them too.

Kayla's custom cleats are going to be available for purchase in November 2021. We are so excited to offer this custom design to the softball community. The cleats are for players who believe that life is full of challenges, up and downs. And despite those challenges, we can still reach our dreams.

We asked you to vote on which of the designs you thought were DOPE or NOPE. Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote and let us know your thoughts on our designs. 

This is how you voted.




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