Athlete Advocacy in Action: Ashley Prange Rallies for Pediatric Cancer Awareness

RIP-IT has always stood for breaking barriers and empowering female athletes to achieve their full potential. We believe that true champions not only excel on the field but also use their influence to create positive change. Ashley Prange embodies this spirit of athlete activism, and we are honored to have her as part of the RIP-IT family.
Ashley, a remarkable softball player and passionate advocate for important causes, has taken her support for pediatric cancer awareness to new heights. In a powerful demonstration of solidarity, she showcased her dedication by designing unique RIP-IT softball cleats inspired by a young girl named Madelyn, who is courageously fighting childhood cancer.
This partnership between RIP-IT, Ashley Prange, and St. Jude is a testament to our shared mission of making a lasting impact. By leveraging her athletic prowess and platform, Ashley is bringing crucial awareness to the extraordinary work done by St. Jude in combating pediatric cancer. Together, we are dedicated to raising funds, supporting groundbreaking research, and ensuring that no child faces this battle alone.
At RIP-IT, we believe that true success lies in empowering athletes to use their voice and influence for a greater purpose. Ashley Prange's commitment to the cause exemplifies the values we hold dear, and we are inspired by her unwavering dedication to creating positive change.
We invite you to join us on this incredible journey as we stand together, united in support of Ashley, Madelyn, and the countless children fighting pediatric cancer. Together, we can make a difference. #TEAMMADELYN

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