RIP-IT Debuts Rebranding Initiative, Expands Softball Apparel Line

The fastest-growing, player-preferred, exclusively softball gear & apparel brand is making BIG moves to be the leading softball brand in the industry

Now the fastest-growing, player-preferred softball brand, RIP-IT is committed exclusively to fastpitch. To continue RIP-IT’s commitment, RIP-IT is now expanding into apparel directly working with players on this endeavor. 

When RIP-IT was founded in 2003, the softball community needed a brand that genuinely focused on them and listened to their needs. From the original  face mask that was designed and inspired by a softball player, to their current range of gear and apparel, RIP-IT has prioritized softball players in an industry where women are often treated as an afterthought. The goal is to craft gear and apparel that is an authentic representation of their athletes.  

With its new range of product offerings, RIP-IT is partnering with brands like Academy Sports + Outdoors, making softball apparel essentials available in more colors and sizes year round, rather than just a single season.

Comprised of innovators, RIP-IT has paved the way in creating high-performance softball gear in a joint effort with  fastpitch athletes. This collaborative development process ensures quality products that fit and function for a superior player experience. 

“The products we go to market with are just the physical manifestations of what our players need, how they want to be viewed, and how they feel about themselves. It is the most rewarding work we do at RIP-IT,” said Jason Polstein, RIP-IT CEO. 

RIP-IT recognizes what it takes physically, mentally and emotionally to compete as an athlete. It’s more than just equipment or clothing - it takes the right mindset. And as a company that understands the unique challenges that girls and women face when playing sports, RIP-IT set out to change the status-quo, making gear built specifically for female athletes, including products like period protection sliding shorts. They know that it’s the small details like period period protection sliding shorts that make a big difference on the field, giving players the confidence they need to feel unstoppable. 

“Our athletes feel great because they accomplished something through hard work and dedication not by putting on a logo,” Polstein said, adding, “We get our satisfaction in supporting that journey through equipment they help us co-create.”

The goal of RIP-IT is to help solve the softball communities’ problems, and by working with hundreds of players, parents, and coaches it became clear that the apparel players were wearing needed to fit better and feel more comfortable. Their expansion into apparel includes a four-way stretch softball pant, that was created along with the input of nearly 600 players. They talked. RIP-IT listened. 

RIP-IT knows that when girls feel more powerful on the field that it can translate into a positive experience for them off the field.  In fact, 34 percent of girls say sports are a big part of who they are, while 94 percent of women who hold C-suite level positions are former athletes.  That is why they are on a mission to empower more than two million softball players across the nation to become the best athletes, leaders and women they can be on and off the field. 

The expansion into apparel is part of  RIP-IT’s commitment to growing the sport of fastpitch, and helping further the success of the fastpitch athlete. And since RIP-IT was founded, they have not lost sight of what they stand for: being a brand dedicated to elevating the sport alongside female athletes,  aiming to shatter the narrative that fastpitch softball is just baseball for girls.

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