Equipment List to Play Softball


Night & day.

We asked parents what buying stuff for softball was like before they knew about RIP-IT. And how much easier life is after finding RIP-IT products.  So many replied. Wow, what a game changer.

Equipment List for Softball:

Fielder's Mask
Softball Pants
Bat Bag
Fielding Glove

Give RIP-IT a try!


 finding out about 

Our customers had all kinds of headaches trying to get gear for her first season of softball before finding RIP-IT.  Some parents took multiple trips to stores. A bunch of parents showed up to the first practice without having all the right equipment. And even more parents could never find stuff in the colors that she likes.  

Did other brands work? Not even close. Here is what our customers said when we asked them how it felt to buy softball gear for their new player before they found RIP-IT: 


    Give RIP-IT a try!


finding RIP-IT

    Softball changed for the better once they switched to RIP-IT. 10 out of 10 customers now say that RIP-IT was the right choice. 8 out of 10 say they feel more comfortable when she is playing. And 9 out of 10 say that she is happy with RIP-IT products.  


    Here’s what customers said when we asked them what changed for the better since finding RIP-IT.

    We’ve solved the young softball player problem for tens of thousands of parents already. Try RIP-IT and see how well these products work for your daughter. 

    Give RIP-IT a try! 

    Oh, did we mention we offer
    free returns and exchanges?

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