3 Reasons Why It's Crucial To Wear a Fielder's Mask

For the USSSA, wearing a mask as a softball pitcher or infielder is a matter of personal choice, as they do not mandate the use of fast-pitch face masks for softball players in these positions. However, there is a growing trend in the competitive softball community for infielders to wear softball face masks.

Those who choose to wear a softball fielder's mask do so because they know the speed of softball and the risks of these positions. You've probably seen what a screwy hop or blazing line drive can do to a players' faces, causing bruising, concussions, or much worse.

So what are the advantages of wearing a softball fielder's mask?If Everyone Wears Masks, No One Gets Singled Out

If Everyone Wears Masks, No One Gets Singled Out

For some parents (fearful of on-the-field accidents) forcing their daughter to wear a mask in fast pitch is simply a requirement of them stepping out on the field. If just one or two players use masks, these girls run the risk of ridicule, or not being seen as «tough» as their unmasked teammates. But if everyone on the team wears a mask, the proverbial playing field is leveled, and all the girls play with equal protection.

Head Injuries Can End Careers

Reading through the comments on this blog post from The Coach will make you wince in sympathy pain from all the injuries caused by softball vs. human. (There's nothing soft about a ball traveling toward you with the force of a tiny torpedo). The hospital bills, recovery time, and permanent damage caused by having your teeth knocked out or jaw broken far outweigh the argument that masks are too hot, too bulky, or too much in the way to play fast-pitch softball.

What Happens When You Stop Worrying About Getting Hit In The Head? You Stop Worrying About Getting Hit In The Head.

Redundant but true: performance gear helps players focus on the game, instead of concentrating on protecting their bodies. And that's something any coach can get behind.

The protective benefits of masks are obvious. In fact, we've engineered our masks to have the greatest field of vision on the market. We're so proud that RIP-IT's fielder's masks are as strong as they are smart that we stand by our products with a 30-day performance guarantee.

Now that you've run out of excuses to not wear your mask, be sure to check out our colorful accessory kits that will have you standing out on the field in style!

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