How RIP-IT's Facemask Stands Apart

Head and facial injuries in softball are usually associated with batters, but rarely with infielders and pitchers. However, the statistics show that both infielders and pitchers are at high risk of facial injury.

Yet, even when players understand the importance of wearing a fielder's mask and how it can prevent injuries, many can't find a mask that performs well and is comfortable at the same time. It's not that players didn't know the risks of playing softball, it is that the products available to them were not meeting their expectation for competitive play. Well, RIP-IT set out to change all that.

After hearing the opinions of softball players, our engineers at RIP-IT produced a fielder's mask that addresses the most common complaints to offer competitive softball players a sophisticated solution to their protective gear needs. To do this we addressed the three main complaints we heard from players, including: uncomfortable, heavy and bulky, and looks.

The Most Comfortable

The Defense Pro is fitted with a repositionable chin cup system can be placed in a position that is most comfortable for the shape of their face. Once attached to the fielder's mask, the chin cup is securely faceted by high-performance velcro, without the worry of it falling off during play.

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In addition to the adjustable chin cup, each Defense Pro comes with our lightweight Moisture-Management Padding. This fabric pulls sweat and moisture away from your skin, so you are able to perform at your best without discomfort. Our engineers also added our Blackout Technology to each Defense Pro to eliminate 100% of the visible glare, so you can actually see the ball better.

The Lightest

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The other main complaint we heard from our customers was that fielder's masks were too heavy and bulky. In response, we created the Defense Pro to be the lightest and most agile fielder's mask we have ever made, but we didn't stop there. In addition, to make it lighter and sleeker, we also engineered the Defense Pro to have an 180 degree Field of View. This means that player performance will not be impacted because the peripheral vision is not impaired by bars or other materials.

Most Visibility and Sleekest Looking Facemask

Sure «beauty is in the eye of the beholder,» but we just made it a lot easier for players to look good while in our sleek Defense Pro fielder's mask with our new line of accessory kits. These mix-and-match kits include custom chin cups, custom padding, and custom ponytail straps. Together, these accessories allow players to create great looking equipment as unique as their personalities.

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Plus, you will look great knowing your Defense Pro is covered under our "peace of mind" policy and our 400 Day Warranty. So go ahead- wear it, play in it, make sure you love it. If you don't, you can always return it to us with no questions asked!

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