Finding Her the Perfect Fit: RIP-IT's New Revolution Softball Pants


As parents and coaches, we understand that when it comes to softball gear, one size definitely does not fit all. Finding the right equipment that fits comfortably and enhances performance is essential for every softball player, which is why we're thrilled to introduce RIP-IT's Revolution Softball Pants—a game-changer tailored to meet the diverse needs of female athletes.

At RIP-IT, we believe that every softball player, regardless of their body shape, deserves the perfect fit. With our Revolution Softball Pants, we've taken on the challenge of designing pants that cater to a wide range of body types. Our painstaking design process ensures that these pants fit like a glove, offering unparalleled comfort and support that allows you to focus solely on the game without any distractions.

Tailored to Perfection

One of the standout features of our Revolution Softball Pants is the availability of three different cuts: athletic, straight, and curvy. We understand that no two athletes are alike, and these tailored options ensure that everyone can find the perfect fit. Whether she has an athletic build, a straight silhouette, or curvier curves, we've got her covered. At RIP-IT, we understand that sizing can vary greatly, which is why our Revolution Softball Pants are available in a wide range of sizes, from XS to 2XL. We're committed to providing options for players of all ages and body types, ensuring that nobody is left without the perfect fit.

Measuring and Size Guide

To make sure she gets the right size, it's essential to measure accurately. Here's a simple guide on how to measure her waist and hips for our Revolution Softball Pants:

Measure Waist: When measuring her waist, make sure to use a tape measure. Pull the tape taut, but do not stretch it. She should be standing naturally and take her measurement at the natural waist, which is typically the area between the ribs and belly button.

Measure Hip: To measure her hips accurately, start by measuring from her belly button straight down about 6 inches—usually where the zipper of a pair of pants ends. Then, measure horizontally all the way around her body at that point.









By following these measurements, you can confidently select the perfect size from our wide range of options, ensuring a comfortable and supportive fit for her Revolution Softball Pants.

Experience Freedom and Confidence

Our Revolution Softball Pants are designed to empower her on the field. Their durability and flexibility allow her to move with ease, making sure nothing holds her back from giving her best performance. Say goodbye to ill-fitting pants that hinder her game and watch her embrace the freedom and confidence that come with RIP-IT's Revolution Softball Pant.

At RIP-IT Sports, we're committed to providing softball players with gear that not only meets but exceeds their expectations. Our Revolution Softball Pants are a testament to our dedication to creating the perfect fit for every athlete. So, whether you're a parent, coach, or player, don't let ill-fitting pants be a hurdle in your softball journey—experience the comfort, support, and confidence of RIP-IT Revolution Softball Pants today.

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