Goal Slaying for the New Year

It's goal-planning time! We've pulled together some inspiring goals to help you make your plans a reality in 2017. Share your goals with us by commenting below!

Try Something New


Get out of your comfort zone this year and try something new. Whether it's a new sport or just a new skill on the softball field. College recruiters love watching athletes who can adapt to new situations- learning a new skill will help you on and off the field.

Remember to Stay Positive


Staying positive during an unsuccessful season or a loss is the most effective way to move forward and focus on what's ahead. You can't change a negative situation by being negative. Learn from it and move on.

Make Time for School


No matter how good you are at softball if your grades are suffering you might not be allowed to play. Most schools require at least a 2.0 GPA to be eligible to play sports (source). Set aside time every night before or after practice to get your school work done and read at least a chapter a night to keep the information you learned in class fresh in your mind. By the time test day comes around you will do better than if you crammed the night before.

Remember to Have Fun!

untitled-design-32Softball is more enjoyable when you're having fun. Enjoy every minute of your softball career. Make the most of it, get to know your teammates, learn from your coaches and thank your parents for supporting you.

Need Help?

Do you have big dreams, but are not sure how to create goals? Tweet us or comment below. We'd love to help you with your goal setting so you can have your most successful year yet!

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