Helping Her Stand Out From the Competition at College Tryouts

Tips for giving your daughter the best shot at playing college softball.

As a softball mom, you know better than anyone how hard your daughter has worked for this moment and how badly she wants to play at the next level. You also know how stressful college tryouts can be and the toll they could take on her. There’s no denying the pressure’s there, but with these tips you can empower your player to blow away the competition and be the softball star we all know she is.

You know it. We know it. She’s a warrior on the field. And this is not the time to just play okay. This is the time to give it all she’s got to put in 110%. She’s been waiting for this moment to fulfill her dreams of playing the sport she loves in college for years to come. She’s found which girls softball positions highlight her strengths. She knows how to win and what it takes to make it to the college level.

But even with all her confidence, the recruiting process can still be trying. As we’ve covered before, make sure she’s giving herself enough rest and not overdoing it. Don’t let her forget to do the fastpitch softball workout programs that keep her endurance and strength up. This is the time to hustle, because she’s up against incredible talent who play the same fastpitch softball positions as her, so she needs to bring her A-game to rise above the competition.

When she steps out onto the field, she needs to stand out. The first thing the scouts will notice before she shows them what she’s got is her softball gear. Having the best of the best will enable her to forget her inhibitions and feel confident when she takes the field. Having a girl’s softball uniform—like our Classic Pants paired with a Softball Belt—that she’s comfortable, confident and ready to dominate the diamond.

Knowing that she left it all on the field during those softball workouts for conditioning means he should feel proud of what she’s accomplished. Scouts are sure to see that she can bring something special to their team.

We all have moments when we get caught up in the stress of the competition or when we get in our heads, but don’t let your daughter lose sight of why she goes out onto the field every game, why she started in the first place or the enjoyment she gets when she’s playing her heart out. So when she takes that first swing or throws that ball, she needs to smile and enjoy the moment—because she’s earned it.

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