Helping Your Daughter Balance Softball and Life

Whether your daughter wants to be an incredible player or just loves the game, it’s important that she finds a balance between her sport, her friends and school. Balancing all of these can be challenging, but in the end, rewarding. Learning the importance of leading a balanced life early on will only help her succeed in the future, so here are some tips on how to help your daughter develop into a well-rounded student athlete who excels on the field and in the classroom.

Time Management

As a softball mom, you already know the value of time management, so what better time for your daughter to start learning than now? In between school, practice, games and friends—scheduling and planning ahead is essential. Use a calendar to keep track of deadlines and any events that may conflict with school. Get a head start on assignments whenever possible. And last but not least, allocate time each day to work on homework and projects. This way, your daughter won’t have to skip games or assignments. Plus, the quality of work will be better when it’s not crammed into one night.

Variety is Important

Being versatile in all the girls softball positions is one thing, but versatility on and off the field is a hallmark of a pro. Focusing entirely on sports puts pressure on an athlete and may actually cause your daughter to perform worse in both softball and school. Just as a complete dedication to school can cause anxiety and stress, sports can put unsafe stress on both the mind and body. So what’s the solution? Keep a healthy balance. Contrary to what you may think, sports and academics can actually complement each other when managed effectively. In fact, studies show that athletes typically perform best at school during their sport’s season, so encourage your daughter to balance her investments in her sport and her school. For more tips on the field, check out our most recent blog about how to keep your daughter healthy and prevent overtraining.

Nurturing Friendships

While being a softball parent can bring you closer to your daughter, it’s beneficial for her to set aside time to develop close friendships. She may already be developing responsibilities and learning to work on a team through her sport, but it’s also essential that she builds bonds with those people as well. Bonding with teammates and classmates can lead to life-long friendships, and help her build self-confidence. Developing these deep connections, even if they don’t last beyond high school, will give her valuable social skills that will last a lifetime.

softball team bonding

Scoring Points and Straight As

Whether your daughter is just starting out or looking to compete on a college level, school should come first. Between practice, games, class and friends where exactly can she fit in time for her schoolwork? Everywhere in between. Like doing homework during any free periods or even on the bus ride home. Help her use her time wisely by making schoolwork a top priority—so that it doesn’t have to interfere with her game or her plans with friends. Once the school work gets done, the softball workouts for conditioning and games will be the perfect release. The best part? Learning to better manage her time now will help turn a skill into a habit that will pay off far beyond her softball years.

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