How To Avoid Injuries As A Softball Pitcher

Use Proper Pitching Mechanics

Improper pitching mechanics can lead to some serious shoulder and bicep injuries. One easy way to avoid injuries as a pitcher is by making sure you are pitching with proper form. There are many different pitching techniques, but one important aspect of proper pitching mechanics is making sure your rotation is a perfect circle. If you are pitching with an improper circle rotation, you are putting your arm and shoulder at serious risk.

Don't Overuse Your Arm

Overusing your arm in softball can lead to some very serious injuries including shoulder, elbow, forearm and wrist tendinitis. To prevent harsh injuries, pitchers must know when to sit a game or two out in order to save their arm. As a pitcher, if you begin experiencing aching or soreness in your shoulder or arm,sit the game out. If not, you could be putting your entire pitching season at risk.

Implement Recovery Period

Giving your arm time to recover is crucial. Just because you are not on the mound pitching, does not mean your arm is resting. Avoiding strenuous activity involving your arm when you are in-between games at a tournament or immediately following a game. You should NOT be pitching every single day. After a long weekend tournament, give your arm a day or two off to allow your muscles time to recover.

Be Aware After Release

In the game of fastpitch softball, after the pitcher releases the ball from their hand they have less than a second to react and protect themselves from the ball being fired back their way. With this in mind, it is important for pitchers to practice being aware of the ball the very moment it is released from their fingertips. Always expect the softball to be fired back at you, this way you will always be ready.

Wear A Fielder's Mask

Pitchers in particular are more prone to a lot of scary injuries due to their proximity to the plate and scarce reaction time. Not to mention, the ball reaches the pitcher at a much higher velocity than other positions, leaving the pitcher in serious danger if they do not react properly. One way to reduce the risk of getting seriously hurt on the field is by shielding your face with a fielder's mask. By wearing protective gear such as a fielder's mask you can decrease your chances of suffering from injuries such as skull fractures, facial fractures, a broken jaw, a broken nose, concussions, and severe eye injuries that could lead to blindness.

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