How To Become a NIL Athlete: A Guide for Women Athletes from RIP-IT



In the rapidly evolving landscape of collegiate sports, a shift of seismic proportions is afoot. Women athletes, long underappreciated, now possess an unprecedented opportunity. The advent of Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) rights represents a pivot in the game's rules. It's more than a rule change – it's a beacon, a herald of transformative empowerment, offering athletes a channel to leverage their personal brands and maximize their value during their college years. At RIP-IT, we're in the front row, witnessing this revolution unfold. The importance of capitalizing on these newfound financial freedoms cannot be overstated.

Embrace Authenticity: The key to making your mark in this sphere is authenticity. Engaging, genuine content about your journey, your passion, and your sport will resonate with your audience and potential sponsors. Telling your unique story becomes even more essential when paired with the understanding that, as athletes, you're each built differently, and it's this individuality that should be celebrated.

Hire an Agent: In this grand journey, an experienced guide can make all the difference. Consider partnering with an agent who knows the terrain. Lesley Feldman, founder of Players Collective (, is one such guide, her phenomenal insight and experience have proven invaluable to many. Another worthy mention is Jason Bryant Jennings, Founder and CEO of Narrow Pathway Management, LLC (

Become a Social Media Savant: In this digital age, your social media persona is your brand. Instagram offers a visual canvas for your story, your journey, and your passion. Learn the art of captivating storytelling and engage with your followers consistently. In doing so, you can craft a compelling narrative that potential sponsors find irresistible.

Initiate Conversations with Brands: Don’t wait for brands to approach you; show them your initiative and reach out. Ever wondered what brands seek in a NIL athlete? They're after authenticity, passion, commitment, and a shared value system. So, approach the brands that align with your values. And remember, if they don't know you're interested, they can't say yes.

Honor Your Commitments: It's vital to remember that contracts are not just legal documents. They are a testament to your integrity, your commitment. Sponsors value this greatly. Be mindful of your obligations, respect your commitments, and let your actions speak volumes about your reliability.

Brand Ambassador Opportunities: If a contract seems elusive, remember there's more than one way to forge a relationship with a brand. Becoming a brand ambassador offers an excellent avenue to receive free gear and earn money by advocating for products you already wear, used to wear, or genuinely believe in. Even without a formal contract, you can create a mutually beneficial partnership based on shared passion and trust.

The landscape of collegiate sports is changing, and it's a thrilling time to be an athlete. Remember, you're not just a player in this game; you're also an architect, capable of building your brand, shaping your narrative, and making a lasting impact. You're built different, so be different, and let your journey inspire others.

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