How To Break In A New Composite Bat

The first thing to address after purchasing a new baseball or softball bat is whether you actually need to break it in. If you have purchased a composite bat, the answer is yes. However, most aluminum bats do not require a break-in period and are hot straight out of the wrapper.

To break in your composite bat, the process is almost effortless and should take no more than one hour.

Use a Game Ball

When breaking in your new bat it is important to use a regulation ball that would be legal in a game situation. This will have the best effect on your bat and will prevent the bat from getting damaged by the ball.

Rotate 1/4» After Each Swing

During the break in process it is imperative that you rotate your bat a quarter of an inch after each swing. By rotating your bat after each swing you ensure the entire barrel of the bat is being broken in properly. This will allow the bat to perform its best when time to step up to the plate.

Hit 150 balls at 50%

When you first begin to break in your bat we recommend that you hit off a tee or by soft toss. The reason for this is because the first 100-150 balls should be hit by only using about half of your usual swing speed and strength. If you begin crushing balls full speed with all your strength you run the risk of cracking the composite bat.

Work Your Way Up to Full Speed/Strength

After you have completed 100-150 hits at half speed/strength you may then ease your way into your normal swing. This should only take about 50 additional hits or less to reach.

Step Up to The Plate!

After completing 200 hits your bat should be ready to use in a game situation. However, if you ever feel like your composite bat is still not fully broken in, there is no harm in taking more practice hits before you step into the batter's box.

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