How To Catch Fly Balls In The Sun

1. Find A Sweet Spot

The trick is to react quickly and move your body at different angles until you can see the ball in your path. Granted, if the sun is glaring down on you, you will most likely not be able to see the ball until the last couple seconds. For this reason, you should be on your toes and have your glove ready above your head. Move your head and body around at different angles until you find the sweet spot where you can see the ball.

2. Use Your Glove

Blocking the sunlight with your glove is a trick that all players know well. If you are not wearing a visor or hat, using your glove can be a life saver. Keeping your glove above your head is also important when you cannot see a fly ball because your hands and arms will already be raised to protect your head from the ball in the worst case scenario. As soon as you think you are underneath the ball, raise your glove up to block the sunlight and track the ball.

3. Athletic Sunglasses

Wearing sunglasses can be a big advantage when catching fly balls because they will block out some of the sun's harmful rays. Players should make sure they purchase sport sunglasses so they will have a snug fit and won't fall off during a game. Using regular sunglasses in a game situation can be trouble because they will not have the same secure fit as sport sunglasses.

4. Fielder's Mask With Eyeblack

Fielder's masks such as the RIP-IT Defense Pro come with eyeblack on the inside of the mask to reduce glare from the sun. Without glare getting in your way, you will be able to see the ball better even with sunlight beaming down on your face.

5. Stay Calm

When a fly ball is in the air and you cannot see it, do not panic. Have faith in your glove and your ability to react quickly. Get under the ball the best you can and have confidence that when the softball finally gets in your field of vision, you will catch it.

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