How to Make a Great College Softball Recruiting Video

A good recruiting video can make a huge difference in your chances of getting a softball scholarship. Sometimes your highlight video is your only shot at getting the attention of a coach or recruiter. Coaches look for specific skills and highlights from each video, and there are steps you can take to make your sure your video doesn't get overlooked.


Include your name, contact information and stats. This may seem like a no brainer, but you would be surprised how many players forget to add this. Whether it's at the end of your video or in the description box below- be sure to add: height/weight, age, school, personal records, pitch speed, NCAA ID#, coaches contact info, position and GPA/SAT score.

Also, be sure that your information is up to date with your most current email address and phone number, so it's easy for coaches and recruiters to contact you.



Make it High Quality
Like you and I , coaches and recruiters will be turned away from a video that is shot in a low resolution. Shooting in a high quality resolution makes it easier to notice details like footwork and technique. Most cellphones and cameras now a days shoot in HQ so investing in a camera or tripod should be something to consider. If you don't own any equipment there are video production companies that will shoot your video at an affordable cost.

Keep It Short
College coaches are very busy and making them sit through a 10 minute video will only make the video a chore rather than a pleasure to watch. If a coach wants to see more of you they will contact you. Only show your very best plays and if you're not sure ask your own coach which shots they would recommend.

Put Your Best Plays First
Grab their attention by putting your very best plays in the beginning to keep them engaged. Think about it like a move trailer; they usually use their best highlights to get viewers to buy tickets to their movies. Use that same analogy on your softball recruitment video.


Use Music
This may seem like a an enhancement to your video but a song you like may be a turn off or distraction to the coach that is watching it. The safest bet is to use no music or music with no lyrics and that plays very subtly in the background. Coaches have to go through hundreds of videos, don't get yours lost in the mix because of a song.

Mail Your DVD
Unless it is requested by a coach, never mail your dvd. The best option in getting exposure to your video and allowing it to be shared easily is by uploading it to Youtube with the appropriate tags, title and description.

Most coaches don't base their entire decision on giving a scholarship out to a player based off of their video but a bad video can be unfavorable in the decision making process. If you have any questions or want to share your video with us for feedback send them to

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