How To Teach Your Daughter To Be Coachable

As a softball mom, you know your daughter has what it takes to compete. But in order to play to her full potential, she has to be willing to work with her coach. From building confidence to developing critical thinking skills, coaches know how to bring out the best in their players. So to keep your daughter at the top of her game, here are some ways to encourage her to be coachable.

Have Confidence

Stepping out on the diamond can be intimidating—especially if your daughter is new to the game. Whether it’s a tough loss, learning a new position, or coming back from a recent injury, it’s normal for her confidence to falter at times. Be sure to encourage her to believe in herself, because having confidence will help her handle constructive feedback and improve from her mistakes.

Be a Good Listener

When players are as determined and hardworking as your daughter, it can be hard to distinguish criticism from feedback. The difference is who’s giving it and their intent. To grow into a warrior on the field, your daughter needs to be open to her coach’s feedback. Remind her that her coach only wants her to play her absolute best—to ultimately help, not hurt, her or her team. Encourage her to listen and not take offense. And above all, to be respectful. Use what her coach is saying as motivation to give the next one all she’s got.

Show Appreciation

Bottom line: coaches care. They care about your daughter’s development. They care about the team’s record. They take the time to do everything in their power to push their team to softball glory. Their passion and dedication to the game runs as deep as your daughter’s. So show them that both you and your daughter appreciate what they do. Thank them for their hard work. Because they are a part of your softball family too.

Speak Up

One of the best ways to be coachable is having open communication. To get the most out of what her coach has to offer, communication needs to go both ways. If your daughter has something to say, she should feel empowered to speak up while showing respect. Being mature, making eye contact, being direct and showing confidence will instill mutual respect between them. If she’s passionate about the sport, it’s okay to voice how she feels.

Get Feedback

If your daughter really wants to grow as a player and a person, she should seek input on what she can do better from her coach. Encourage her to ask directly about her performance and to be prepared to hear the truth. Getting her coach’s thoughts and advice can make all the difference in her performance and mindset on and off the diamond. Learning to take feedback as an opportunity to improve will make all the difference in what she wants to achieve.

Be There for Her

Every player develops at their own pace. But don’t let your daughter get discouraged. With your continued support, she’ll come to appreciate the value of her coach’s input sooner rather than later—helping her grow into the perceptive, strong and confident person you know she can be.

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