Jaime Burns, RIP-IT's Softball Apparel Designer

As we get ready to launch our first ever softball apparel line we thought we would introduce the designer behind the amazing fabrics, cuts, and color patterns of our new softball pants (available mid- 2017). Our apparel line is packed with expressive designs and colors that truly represent softball players.

Meet Jaime Burns, our apparel designer.

Tell us a little bit about your path to becoming a designer. When did you first realize you had a passion for design?

I came to L.A. to be a film student but then I grew an interest in fashion. I was always wearing weird clothes and my friends kept telling me, «You should work in fashion» but I didn't think that was something you could go to school for. I thought you had to be a Marc Jacobs or something to get into it, but then I applied to fashion school and loved it.

photo-12-7-16-9-14-46-am Photo by: Brenda Delgadillo

What made you decide to partner with RIP-IT in creating softball apparel?

After speaking to Jason (RIP-IT's CEO), I was excited to work on their new line of softball apparel because it's something different from what I typically do, and the story behind it inspired me to make something softball players will feel comfortable and confident in.

photo-12-7-16-9-42-39-am Photo by: Brenda Delgadillo

Tell us about your creative process.

I started this project like I do many, by immersing myself in what the customer needs. With this project specifically I watched a lot of softball videos, looking at what trends were popular among softball players. I also used a lot of the research I received from the marketing team at RIP-IT and applied that to the apparel.

What is a typical day for you?

Every day is different. Sometimes I start with Illustrator, other days I'll work on a single project. Depending on how much creative freedom the client will give me, my day can be very structured or very random depending on what needs to get done. That's why my job is so fun!

photo-12-7-16-10-00-30-am Photo by: Brenda Delgadillo

What are some of the challenges you face when designing softball apparel?

The Pack-It-Up Backpack was actually more challenging because it was this 3D thing I had to build. Required a bit more engineering and design than my creative input. Apparel is a bit easier because it's what I'm used to, but the hardest part is making a pair of pants that fit so many different players perfectly. Softball players are all so different in their preferences and body types that it makes my work a bit more challenging.


What is one thing that sets RIP-IT's softball apparel line apart from others?

RIP-IT is very conscious of the details that go into designing their softball apparel. I feel like most softball/baseball brands are probably not going that in-depth with their design and research, given all of the complaints and discomforts softball players have voiced about their current apparel. RIP-IT is also going out to the tournaments and practices, speaking to their customers face to face and asking them exactly what they want. That is a huge advantage in designing softball apparel in such a competitive market.

photo-12-7-16-9-55-20-am Photo by: Brenda Delgadillo

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