MVM: Most Valuable Mom


In honor of Mother’s Day, we want to show our appreciation to the unsung members of the fastpitch softball team: mothers. As a softball mom, you deserve gratitude every single day. Who else sacrifices so much time and energy to ensure that your daughter performs at her best on the field? Who cheers the loudest when your daughter steals a base or hits a home run? Who sheds a tear when your daughter celebrates a win? YOU do. So today and always, we want to thank you for all that you do.

Thank You for Your Sacrifice

We know it’s not easy devoting so much of your time to ensure that your daughter makes it to her practices and games—especially when it sometimes means waking up at 4AM. Fastpitch softball isn’t a joke, it’s a commitment. For her and for you. While you could be taking the time to catch up with things around the house, with work or even with some much-needed self-care, you decide to dedicate your life to your child’s success. Sacrifice often means doing without. And your invaluable role as a softball mom is a labor of love. For that, you’re a warrior.

Thank You for Being a Team Player

How many miles have you driven to practices, games and tournaments? How hoarse has your voice gotten cheering from the sidelines? From fastpitch softball infield drills to fastpitch softball workout programs, how many hours have you spent finding ways to help her with strength, conditioning and performance?

Your role on your daughter’s team is crucial. In fact, you’re probably one of the most important team members of all. Because you show just as much hustle as anyone out there on the field with your daughter. The countless hours you’ve volunteered, your endless enthusiasms and your ability to treat your daughter’s teammates as if they were your own children makes you an all-star. If anyone should be MVP, it should be you!

Thank You for Believing

You are your daughter’s biggest fan. No doubt about it. You believe in her so much that putting her needs above your own is not an obligation but an act of selfless love. Always know that your never-ending support will help your daughter perform at her best. Her knowing that you are on her side—no matter what—allows her to swing a little harder, run a little faster and push herself a little further. Whether she reminds you all the time or not, know that your daughter will always be thankful for your devotion to her and to the game.

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