RIP-IT Commits to Softball

Our new commitment.

Empower through softball.

Today, RIP-IT is announcing that it is going to focus its design efforts exclusively on the sport of girl's fastpitch softball. Additionally, RIP-IT is announcing that it is making a commitment to grow the sport of softball which in turn will empower more young girls to take on leadership roles, become self-advocates, and believe in themselves.

RIP-IT has always strived to be a company that delivers value to its customers. Because of these efforts RIP-IT has seen success growing as a brand in baseball and softball. Over the last ten years RIP-IT has learned a lot about their customers, their industry, and their passions. Based on what was learned, they are announcing a shift in their brand to become the softball brand of choice for female athletes. As a result of this new focus RIP-IT's current baseball product line will be the last of their baseball products.

While RIP-IT is ceasing production of new baseball products, RIP-IT will continue to support their baseball players, parents, and coaches through their exceptional warranty and customer service policies. «We want to thank all of our baseball customers who supported RIP-IT throughout the years. We will forever be thankful for your support» said Matthew Polstein President.

Moving forward, RIP-IT has chosen to design products specifically for the female softball athlete. They are also dedicating themselves to growing the sport of softball.

«This was a passion that I believe RIP-IT always had in its heart, but never quite knew how to articulate. As we have matured as a company, and as individuals, we grew into this idea that RIP-IT needed to stand for something larger than just innovative equipment and great customer service. Today we embark on a new mission to encourage more young girls to take up softball and in turn learn valuable life skills like leadership and confidence» said Jason Polstein CEO.

On June 1, 2016 RIP-IT will officially begin their new mission to empower young girls to learn important life skills through softball. To kick off their new mission they are launching a completely redesigned website that caters to the female softball athlete and the parents and coaches who support them.

«We hope you will join us as we strive to increase the number of young girls who participate in softball. By doing so we will empower the next generation of young girls to take on leadership roles, become self-advocates, and believe in themselves» said Jason Polstein CEO.

About RIP-IT

RIP-IT ( was incorporated in 2003 and is a softball design company. RIP-IT designs, manufactures and markets softball equipment. The Company's products include softball helmets, fielder's masks, and equipment bags. In November 2015 RIP-IT was honored as a GrowFL Company to Watch.

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