Pro athlete Taylor Edwards picks her Custom Cleats

Taylor Edwards

Division 1 College Athlete. Professional Softball Player. Olympian.

Congratulations to Taylor Edwards for so many outstanding achievements. She is currently fighting for Gold in the 2020 Olympics (we know it’s 2021, but that’s how they are still referring to it). Taylor has been a star athlete, and a great teammate, at every level. This summer, she gets to showcase her hard work and talent on the global stage. We are very proud of her.

On top of all that, Taylor Edwards is a phenomenal human being and really easy to work with. It was her idea to create a custom show for her upcoming season with Athletes Unlimited. We agreed with her. The softball turf, cleat, and spike game could use a little spicing up so why not start with hers!


The Process

Our process is pretty basic. We spent some time getting to know Taylor. Our designer Colleen, spent time trying to get to know Taylor. Who she is. What inspires her. Her story. Her journey. A signature cleat is really just a platform to say something. The real question is so simple. What did Taylor want to say?

What her signature Shoe Says

Taylor Edwards has been breaking through barriers and breaking new ground her entire softball career. She took the unusual step of playing for the University of Nebraska when she could have gone to a more traditional softball program. Taylor has navigated her career with the singular focus to break through the obstacles that present themselves.

The crackling ground effect that you see throughout her turf is our designer’s representation of the breakthroughs that she’s already accomplished, and the breakthroughs still to come.


There is so much uncertainty around professional softball. Are they playing this season? Is there a new league? Did I make the team?

Taylor wanted to celebrate the upcoming Athletes Unlimited Season by incorporating all of the Athletes Unlimited colors. No small task for Colleen.

Presented with several options, Taylor narrowed her choice down to a critical few, then one. Ultimately Taylor and Colleen ended up with a fantastic design. Most importantly, Taylor thought it was DOPE!


We sent out a survey to the community to see if you all agreed with Taylor. Did you think her cleat was DOPE or NOPE?

Over 40% of people thought our design for Taylor was DOPE and nearly 60% thought the design was a NOPE. Well, count us and Taylor in the DOPE category. We love this design. We love what it says. And we love what it represents.

Thank you for reading about Taylor’s new shoe design for her upcoming Athletes Unlimited Season. We are excited to announce that Taylor will also be participating in the Next Season Ambassador Program. The Next Season is our innovative brand ambassador program that includes a signature shoe deal, a signature apparel deal, and access to brand or career training that will help athletes get further, faster in their next business endeavors.

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