Proper Softball Infielder Stance

All infield positions in the game of fastpitch softball require the defensive player to be loose, quick, and alert at all times. One thing that can help nurture all of these aspects is the proper infielder's stance. The proper infielder's stance will look something like a triangle. Your feet will act as the base of the triangle, and your glove as the tip. To get yourself in the best infielder's position possible, follow the brief tips below:

1. Legs Apart

When in the proper infielder's position, your legs should be a little bit wider than shoulder length apart. This will create a strong stance with plenty of balance.

2. Knees Bent

Keeping your knees bent is essential for an infielder in their starting stance. It's important for your knees to be bent so your muscles do not stiffen. The last thing you want is for a ball to be fired your way and your reaction time is cut short because your muscles were not loose and ready to go.

3. Use The Balls Of Your Feet

All of your weight should be placed on the balls of your feet instead of the heels of your feet. This will give you an ample amount of muscle strength, will contribute to your balance, and will allow your body to shift weight easily from one side to the other.

4. Stay Low, Back Straight

Your body should be positioned low, with your back straight. With your knees bent and your weight already on the balls of your feet, this low positioning should come naturally. Your body will be bent at the waist and your upper body should hover over your lower body. This puts you in best stance possible to react quickly when a ball is shot your way.

5. Glove out

Your glove should not be tucked into your body. Hold your glove out low to the ground and position your other hand over it so you will be ready to catch the ball properly whether the hit is a grounder or a fly ball in your direction.

6. Loose Hands

Keep your hands nice and loose so you will be able to use them to react quickly. You want to avoid tense muscles at all costs, even your hands and finger joints.

7. Chin Up

The idea is that your body is low and your chin is up and facing the batter at all times. Your head should never be facing downward before the ball is hit. Stay alert, stay focused and keep your eye on the ball as it enters the batter's box so you will be prepared when it is fired out your way.

These tips will help you become a better softball player... and you will need it once you know how fast the game really is!

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