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4 Tips To Improve Your Fast pitch Batting Performance

4 Tips To Improve Your Fast pitch Batting Performance

Danya Shea
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1) Lined-up, loose hands

Lining up your knuckles and keeping your hands loose is a critical aspect of having a fast, smooth swing. When your knuckles are lined up, your hands and wrists are in the ideal position to create a nice straight, smooth swing. It is also important not to have a Kung Fu grip on the bat. Keep your hands nice and loose. This way, they will be fast and quick to react to any pitch that comes your way.


2) Weight on back side

When in your batting stance, it is imperative to keep your weight shifted onto your back leg/foot. This will give you the most power possible out of your swing. When you begin your swing your body will naturally shift forward, creating a powerful and explosive swing. 

3) Use the balls of your feet

Make sure you are not depending on the heels of your feet. Instead, use the balls of your feet. This allows you to use all your muscle strength and also gives you more range at the plate.


4) Bat at 45-degree angle

The quickest way to get your bat from starting position and into the strike zone is by keeping it at a 45-degree angle. When positioned correctly, your hands will be by your ears, and your arms will be in a comfortable «A» shaped formation. By having your bat at this angle, you will get your hands into the strike zone quicker.

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