RIP-IT Acquires Tachikara, Marking a Strategic Leap in Volleyball Industry Leadership


 Nona Volleyball athlete hitting Tachikara Volleyball

The acquisition signifies RIP-IT’s

commitment to becoming a leading force in volleyball equipment and innovation.


RIP-IT, a dynamic and rapidly growing brand dedicated to serving female athletes, today announced its strategic acquisition of Tachikara, a renowned name in volleyball equipment. This acquisition, effective January 3, is a significant step in RIP-IT’s journey towards becoming a dominant player in the sport of volleyball.


RIP-IT, known for its innovation centered around female

athletes, and Tachikara, with its rich history and expertise in volleyball

equipment, together, aim to revolutionize the volleyball equipment market. This

partnership will leverage both companies' strengths, combining RIP-IT’s

cutting-edge development and Tachikara’s deep-rooted presence in the volleyball


"Joining forces with Tachikara aligns perfectly with our

vision of elevating the volleyball experience of female athletes," said

Matthew Polstein, co-CEO of RIP-IT. "This acquisition is not just about

growing our product line; it's about affirming our commitment to providing

top-tier equipment to women volleyball athletes at every level."

Tachikara brings to the table its longstanding reputation for

quality and innovation in volleyball equipment. "We are thrilled to add

Tachickara to the RIP-IT family, a company that shares our passion for female

athletes and performance," stated Allen Thompson, COO of RIP-IT.

"Together, we are poised to create exciting opportunities for volleyball

athletes." Tachikara, known for its commitment to the volleyball sport and innovation, has long been the go-to brand for coaches and players. Its products are the result of a deep understanding of the game and a relentless pursuit of perfection.

This powerful collaboration is expected to catalyze innovation, leading to the creation of volleyball equipment that is meticulously tailored to the female athlete. It is a union that celebrates the spirit of the sport and the athletes who dedicate themselves to excellence.

About RIP-IT

RIP-IT has quickly established itself as a frontrunner in sports equipment tailored to the female athlete, known for its innovative designs and commitment to athlete performance. With a focus on continuous improvement and athlete-centric design, RIP-IT is dedicated to advancing sports technology for women and girls.


About Tachikara

Tachikara, with its long

history in the volleyball industry, is renowned for its high-quality volleyball

equipment and its dedication to the sport. Tachikara has been a trusted name

among the volleyball community and coaches alike, known for its commitment to

innovation and excellence.

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