RIP-IT's Best Softball Backpack

The RIP-IT Pack-It-Up Backpack was designed specifically for active softball players, and it shows in the design of the pockets, their placement and how the pockets sizing compliments the regulation softball gear perfectly. No more carrying two backpacks, this bag can hold it all!

Durability to Last Season After Season

This softball backpack can endure the wear and tear that accompanies an active softball lifestyle. It also includes a 90-day warranty which allows you to replace your backpack in case of any defects as many times as you want for the first 90 days after you have purchased.

bench The Black Pack-It-Up Backpack Buy Now

Keep it Accessible Keep it Clean

Multiple storage compartments allow for easy access while keeping personal items separate from your equipment. This allows for players to keep their gear organized and reachable at a moments notice, instead of having to rummage through the abyss of their backpacks to find a phone or a glove. There is a place for everything.

hustle and heart The Royal Blue Pack-It-Up Backpack Buy Now

Keep Your Dugout Neat and Clean

The durable (and conveniently located) exterior j-hooks allow players to hang their softball backpack while they're on the field. Leaving coaches happy with a clear and neat dugout during games and practice. This feature keeps your backpack looking new without getting ruined by the clay.


Customizing Made Easy

The RIP-IT Pack-It-Up Backpack features removable panels on the front of the bag that make embroidering simple. This feature helps distinguish whose bag belongs to whom in a pile of team bags.

Blue backpack

Ventilated to Keep Your Gear Fresh

This backpack was designed to 'breathe' with a ventilated cubby that stores a player's cleats. This is great for keeping the rest of your uniform and practice clothes dry and fresh while being able to store your cleats in a separate compartment. No more stinky cleats!


softball-backpack The Scarlet Pack-It-Up Backpack Buy Now

Hear what players and coaches are saying about the Pack-It-Up Backpack:

"I love my new backpack. It is the perfect size-it fits all of my equipment and also has separate accessible compartments for personal items like pony tails and bows! Inside the bag there is a separate compartment for your cleats, and the material ensures your bag and other equipment doesn't get stinky! "-Julia

"My experience with this backpack is very good. I can fit everything in it without it looking so big. This bag is very organized and has lots of pockets to put things in that you need for softball. It doesn't hurt your back even with how much stuff you put in the bag."-Alexandra S.

"The backpack is really nice. It is big enough without having to be a catchers bag. The inside with the shelves is set up very good to be able to separate shoes, helmets and gloves" - Coach Kevin C.

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