Do's and Don'ts: Social Media Etiquette for Student Athletes

“Freedom of speech does not equal freedom from consequences."

-David Petroff, Director of Athletic Communications at Edgewood College


  1. 1.)Retweet or share a post you know a coach, athletic director or parent would not approve of. Although you may not be the one physically typing or posting- if you retweet the post, you're giving the impression that you stand behind that statement which can ruin your reputation at any school or travel team. 

  2. 2.)Vulgar language and gestures. Coaches don't want that type of behavior representing their college. 

  3. 3.)Posting too much- it gives coaches the impression that you don't do much of anything else with your time than sitting on your phone instead of being productive. Use social media moderately.  

  4. 4.)Personal information. Nothing is private on the internet. Even if your account is private, someone who follows could screenshot one of your posts and send it to anyone. Keep your personal life off social media. 


  1.  1.) Support other students- this shows coaches that you are a team player and would get along easily with your teammates. This behavior also demonstrates that you are a good role model to other players or students at your college. 
  2.  2.) Build your personal brand- Use social media as a device to let others in on who you are, and what you're interested in. Social media can be very powerful in how you represent yourself to someone who cannot physically meet you. Let coaches and athletic directors in on how you would be a great asset to their team. 
  3. 3.) Networking- Before social media, it was very difficult to be able to connect with coaches, players, and even celebrities. Now, with the ease and reach of social media, you can connect with just about anybody.

    Use social media as a way of interacting with the people who will support and guide you through your career as a student athlete and apply these tips to your professional career beyond softball. 

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