Softball Bat Care Tips

Players and parents spend a good amount of money to ensure they have a quality bat that will perform at the plate. Wha many players don't realize, however, is that caring for your bat properly can make a big difference in how well your bat performs and how long it will last. To protect the quality of your bat, follow some of these helpful bat care tips:

Do NOT play in cold weather

RIP-IT bats do not have any weather restrictions, however, most bats are not as advanced. Playing in weather below 60 degrees Fahrenheit can be very harmful to a bat. In lower temperatures, the density of the bat changes, causing the material to become more brittle. This makes the bat more prone to dents and cracks. In addition, lower temperatures also cause softballs to become harder. A harder ball can also contribute to major bat damage so be sure to steer clear of using your game bat in cool or cold conditions.

Avoid dimple balls

Using any kind of ball other than a baseball or softball is a big no-no! Rubber dimple balls used in practice can seriously impair the finish of the bat. This can negatively affect the bat in many ways so it is important that you avoid using your game bat with anything other than the intended ball used in play.

Do not bang your bat against your cleats

Many players are in the habit of tapping their bat against their cleat to get the dirt out. This is not good for your bat nor your cleats, especially if your cleats have metal bottoms. Avoid this action so your bat does not get damaged by the plastic, metal, or even rubber that your cleats may contain.

Store in ideal conditions

Where you store your bat can have a huge impact on how long it lasts. Avoid storing your bat in an extremely hot or an extremely cold environment. Also, make sure that if you are storing multiple bats together, that they are covered with a bat sleeve so they do not clash together. If all of your metal bats collide together, it is possible they may damage each other.

Rotate bat 1/4» after each swing

Rotating your bat a quarter of an inch after each swing may seem a little strange or even excessive, but it is actually very beneficial. This ensures that you are breaking in the entire circumference of the bat barrel. It also makes certain that you aren't over exerting or wearing down one area of the bat more than another.

Clean off dirt or other imperfections

To protect the finish of your softball bat, clean it when covered with dirt or grime. The best way to clean your bat is with a wash-cloth and mild soap and water.

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